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In our cafeteria your children will find healthy products that will nourish and fill them with energy. In order to provide the healthiest lnch experience, we’ve eliminated sodas and foods with red labels.



Pre-school Menu

Primary School Menu

Secondary School Menu

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We are interested in the welfare of each and every child; therefore, we have an excellent medical staff that is timely in the assessment of your child’s health.


A well supplied infirmary, available to students at all times.


Constant supervision for our students with an attentive staff catering and supervising their needs.


Staff trained to attend emergencies and mishaps students may have.

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We have a Counseling department, formed by a team of psychologists who manage a humanistic approach with an emphasis on the social environment.
This department's objective is to accompany the students in their process through the holistic formation, respecting their individuality and employing strategies that allows them to strengthen their identity, self esteem and self awareness. 
The team works hand-in-hand with the teachers  and parents in order to reinforce habits and routines that push for academic and self progress.
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We count on  our medical insurance from our provider SEGUROS EQUINOCCIAL. With a wide coverage, your children are protected in and outside our school.


Medical expenses
Accidental dental expenses
Outpatient treatments
Hospital treatment coverage
Disability coverage
Accidental death of the student
Dismemberment coverage
Death of the legal guardian
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Your children will travel safely in our school buses. We’ve hired the most responsible professionals whose vehicles comply with all legal and institutional regulations.